One Ingredient: 100% pure, pH-neutral green clay


If you are to pick one clay masque, pick Argil green clay. We hand pick this clay from a primoridial ancient Mediterranean site in the Atlas Mountains in Tunisia. And it took us 10 years to find this natural marvel with such impressive chemical composition. Naturally pH-neutral and hypoallergenic, this type of clay is gentle (will not hurt skin sensitivities) yet extremely powerful. When it comes to clays, there is nothing more important than location and mineral composition. And here is what estheticians say: "Argil has replaced 4 clays for us! (french green, rhassoul, kaolin, and blue). When we use Argil, it refines the surface, draws out deep oil deposits (blackheads), and leaves the skin soft and supple.


Katari Beauty | we travel and source all our single-ingredient ancient Mediterranean staples from the artisans we work with. We package it all in hand blown glass we make. We believe in slow beauty and a more sustainable world.
Made in Tunisia

Argil Masque