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One Ingredient: 100% pure, cold-pressed


Black Castor Oil Katari Castor is a favorite for hair, lash, and brow professionals. It is viscous, concentrated, and extremely protective for the hair follicles, which helps hair from becoming brittle and promoting new, healthy, and speedy hair growth. Apply on natural eyelashes (top lash line), on brows and dry scalp, esp. before & after braiding. Comes w/ handmade olive wood applicator. Colors of oil naturally vary from batch to batch due to castor 'bean' roasting. Light beige is ok and so is purple and almost black! :) We cold-press our oils from the roasted castor beans collected from small organic farms in the delta of Nile & package it in handblown beautiful amphorae with sustainably grown cork closures.


Katari Beauty | we travel and source all our single-ingredient ancient Mediterranean staples from the artisans we work with. We package it all in hand blown glass we make. We believe in slow beauty and a more sustainable world.
Made in Egypt

Castor Oil w/ applicators


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